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Who is Edna?
Edna’s is not named after a specific person. In fact, it comes from the Cockney Rhyming Slang word for ‘beverage’…’Dame Edna Everage’, rhymes with ‘beverage’, so ‘Edna’ for short. Make sense?

What is Edna’s all about?

Edna’s was created by award winning bartending veteran, Nick Devine, with the aim to create an all-natural, premium, full flavoured, ready-to-drink line of alcohol-free cocktails, that also work as a top quality mixer. Lightly sparkling highball style cocktails. Using authentic spirit extracts, shrubs, juices, oils & extracts, to really elevate the non-alcoholic and mixing experience.

Where is Edna’s made?
Edna’s is a Canadian company, launched in Vancouver, British Columbia, in early 2022, and is currently manufactured in Airdrie, Alberta.

How do you recommend drinking Edna’s?
We heartedly recommend consuming ice cold. It is all natural, so give it a very gentle shake, and pour over ice, as you would a cocktail.

Can you mix with Edna’s?
Absolutely. Edna’s is designed to be a premium mixer as well as a standalone cocktail. Check out our Recipe section for ideas.

Does Edna’s need to be kept in the fridge?
Edna’s is shelf stable, meaning in can be kept out at room temperature, but Edna’s should be ice cold before consuming.

What is the shelf life of Edna’s?
Edna’s has a shelf life of up to 2 years. We can do this naturally, without the use of preservatives, by a pasteurization process.

Do Edna’s contain any alcohol?
All our cocktails are legally 0% alcohol, but they may contain small traces.

Do your cocktails have any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives?
No. We are a proudly all-natural product.

What is the calorie content in your cocktails?
Our Mojito, Mule and Collins all have 90 Calories, and our Paloma has 100 Calories.

What is the sugar content in your cocktails?
Our Mojito, Mule and Collins all have 22g of sugar (Paloma has 24g). We use 21g of real cane sugar in our recipes, and the rest is made up from naturally occurring sugars from the fruit juice. We use real cane sugar, because quite frankly, it tastes good ☺

What is a ‘shrub’, and why do you use it in your cocktails?
A shrub is an aromatic fruit based ‘drinking’ vinegar, which we use to create bite & acidity, almost mimicking the alcohol that’s not there. We make a citrus shrub, using apple cider vinegar as the base.

Tell me about the spirit extracts in your cocktails?
We use authentic spirit extracts in all our cocktails, to give a subtle aroma of the spirit but without the alcohol.

What are the natural flavours in our listed ingredients?
The natural flavours in our cocktails come from the spirit extracts, as well as other oils and extracts we use in our recipes.

Are your cocktails gluten free?
Yes, they all are.

Are your cocktails vegan?
Yes, they all are.

As a consumer, where can I buy Edna’s?
We do sell directly from our website, and we also have a map, with all our retailers on there too.

As a business, how can I stock Edna’s?
For all wholesale inquiries, contact us at

If I have any other questions, not answered here, who can I ask?
For any questions you may have, contact Nick at